Authentic Networking Builds Relationships…Relationships Build Businesses & Careers

This is true offline and online….wouldn’t you agree? There is an art to building relationships and it starts with the basics.

Scenario 1: You are at a social event & you are introduced to someone who just received a promotion.

Scenario 2: You are reading your feed, your stream, your home page (hopefully) and it’s posted online   someone  in your network received a promotion.

What do you do?

 You congratulate this individual whether you are online or offline. Once you meet someone offline or online, this person has an impression of you which already can create word of mouth.  Word of mouth starts to spread your brand.  Is your impression favorable or unfavorable?  Every interaction can lead to a relationship and it’s up to you to determine that relationship.  Simple things, like congratulating someone, make people proud to know you and  glad they are part of your network.  It is your business to know what  your network is doing.  Why?  It’s your business because it is your responsibilty to strengthen relationships with them, continue learning from them which will eventually lead you to helping them in some way or another.  In this way, you will have received business from them or helped them.  If you have helped them, it will come back to you.  Mind you, many times it does not come back from the actual person you helped.

There are many easy ways to help a relationship flourish. One way is to acknowledge individual’s  strengths, such as, their intelligence, their work ethic  and/or other strengths you see in them.  Let them know you took the time to learn about them.  It’s so easy to do by googling them, asking someone about them and/or reading their various profiles. Appreciate what these people  teach you by way of conversation or their posted content.

What is a basic human need?  To be recognized and to be valued are basic human needs.  In giving in the above simple ways, it pays back tenfold.  It feels good and just do it.  Why? It takes a second and that multiplied over time when you develop a relationship with that person is well worth it.  Additionally, guess what it says to other people who notice you recognize others?  It says “wow”, they take time out for others;   they value people.  I would like to work with this type of individual as a client, a partner or as an employee. See how this all transfers to what your goals are?

Who do people do business with? People do business with hose they like, know and trust. Building a relationship takes time and requires repeated interaction. For those of you who are thinking, uh oh, relationships….. Yeah, you have to go through some of the soft skills to get to the bottom line. Your bottom line is determined by the NET of authentic relationships as that is what builds your business, career and life. Attitude determines altitude (Zig Ziglar)  in relationships as well!  

Happy building!


Social Media Straight Talk

August 16, 2012

Hello! Hope you are having a tremendous day.  Aiming to add value by contributing some of my knowledge and what is taking place online and how it affects you offline. 

So much to write about it….so much time… little time!

Social media is NOT just signing up for LinkedIn or some of the other platforms.  It’s a way of life, a way to do business, a way to CONNECT.

Social media provides transparency ummm REAL transparency.  It shows your company’s culture, values, and knowledge. Oh…. it is not YOUR company & you just work for them.  Guess what ?….you represent your company always offline and online.  Oh…. you are not currently with a company…Guess what?  your social media presence represents Brand You.  How does that brand show up? Does it even show up?

Social media is a REVOLUTION….

Social media is an expediter of information, efficiency, spreading the word!  There is a huge learning curve into weaving your way into the social media culture and layers. One book or one workshop isn’t going to give you the knowledge you need to survive.  Business has changed as we know it. And,… we’re all in business – remember Brand YOU?   If businesses are still practicing modus operandi and  trying to transfer that online, it is SO obvious that it glares in the internet communities! Social media has an exponential effect, whether it be positive or negative… it is optimal to put your best foot forward.  

Remember, if it is not YOUR company – your social media is positioning you for future promotions and other  career opportunities – how are you looking? Oh, YOU are not in a company right now? Guess what, people google you to make a decision whether they will meet with you, talk to you, rent to you, hire you or even date you? Unborn babies have a bigger presence online than many individuals.   An online presence is not an option; it is necessary.

Join the social media revolution to create the best for your company and/or You. 

Need some guidance.  Contact me.  Splendid! Available for consulting and training my copyrighted social media workshops as well.