I felt like a dum dum.  Even though I know I’m not (it’s all in your perception, right?! ) I allowed myself to feel that way. I know better. You  can’t be made to  feel that way, you choose it. So, in taking accountability for my feelings, I  went back to review why I felt this way. I reviewed my foundation and  thoughts.  In my review, clarity was reiterated  and the confidence once again bolstered.   

 We all have times when our intelligence or motives are questioned.  What I have found to be true in these times  is you have received  an opportunity to further clarify & strengthen your foundation.  The more you reflect and define your foundation, the STRONGER that foundation becomes. This FOUNDATION relates to your personal leadership. Becoming a GREAT LEADER which we all have the POTENTIAL to become, starts with your personal foundation.  I challenge you to define yours today & to continually build upon that foundation.

Have YOU ever feel like a dum dum ? What’s your story? How did you handle it? 

Earlier this year, Tom Coffing, was a tremendous guest on my radio show. We talked about what he attributes to his success.  We created a success pointer list  on one of my earlier blogs in April, I think.  Scroll down and you will find it.  
In this blog, I’d like to highlight one of his success pointers, Social Networking.

What is social networking?

Social networking is connecting and creating relationships with others. It’s meeting new people and beginning or enhancing a relationship with them.   Relationships do require some effort; however, they  pay forward big dividends.   Relationships require learning, listening, give and take, nurturing, helping, receiving and asking.

How can you be most successful at social networking? Here are some simple steps.

 Introductions (I)

Introduce yourself with a polished introduction.

Create your polished introduction by making it memorable and interesting. You want others to remember you, so give them something to connect with you by giving them a lead-in.

Write some introductions down.  Practice them when you are out and about. Test which introductions feel most comfortable to you and give you good results.

Don’t forget to ask the other people for their introduction, “And you are?”

Ask an open-ended question (keep the flow of conversation) (O)

An open-ended question requires the other person respond with more than a yes or no answer.

By asking this question, you find more information out about this person in order to continue the conversation.

When you ask the person about themselves, you have given them license to talk about their favorite subject, which is themselves.

Some examples of open-ended questions/statements:  Tell me about your day.  Tell me about some of your favorite things
you do in your spare time. What do you enjoy most about what you do in your career?

Uncovering (U)

Uncover interest and commonalities. Actively Listen. Comment.  Look for that common ground, how you can help that person & create a connection. (Treasure)


Positive close. Let them know you will follow up with them by sending them an email. Exchange information/cards. (Collect)

To more easily remember: Introduce-Open Ended Question-Uncover-Find the Treasure & Collect it. I.O.U Treasure  & Collect

In summary, by practicing the above steps, you will be more effective in conversation,  connecting with others and
creating relationships.  The quality of your relationships  is what life is all about.

My pleasure to connect with you,


The above can be adapted online as well.  In future posts, will talk more about online connecting.

Networking Resources:

Dig Your WellBefore You’re Thirsty by Harvey MacKay

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

*Tom Coffing, President & CE0, Coffing Data Warehousing; Athlete, Writer, World Renowned Speaker (The Speech Doctor) Golf Coach & Caddy  to Carling Coffing, Pro-Golfer
 Get a free gift when you listen to this past episode- one gift is 185 page Speech Doctor Manual.
Tom Coffing (Tera-Tom) developed a tool that allows people to use for free, which built has data base by thousands. Talk about connecting!

Accepting your imperfections allows you to accept others and form satisfying business and personal relationships with them. This feat of total self-acceptance is hard for many. This task of imperfection acceptance, however, poses exceptional challenge for perfectionists and results in perfectionism causing negative impact on relationships when this acceptance is not in existence.

 By their very nature, perfectionists can be quite judgmental.  They tend to constantly critically evaluate what is going on, noticing every detail and how it can be improved.  They, of course, have the magnifying mirror on themselves and they see the reflection as never quite good enough. Perfectionists are hard on themself and thus, tend to cast these judgments on everyone else as well.  Here’s where the pain or the butt, can come into play.

 An interchangeable word for a perfectionist is overachiever.  As with anything else, awareness and balance of behaviors are elements in channeling optimal results. With channeled behavior, the glass of the perfectionist can be half full rather than the more likely of half filled. While serious intensity can be a characteristic of the perfectionist (overachiever), the upside or half full side of this channeled behavior is illustrated through the makings of Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs challenging status quo, science breakthroughs and so much more.

 In my recent radio show with Dr. Liisa Kyle, we discussed some of the above, as well as a detailed list of patterns of behavior of perfectionists and the underlying factors in perfectionism. We discussed ways to overcome perfectionism and shift from perfect to good enough.  Dr. Kyle used a quote by John Lassiter of Pixar to sums up perfect to good enough: “Films are never done, they are released.” (Ahhhh, after many rereads and tweaks of this blog, I am releasing it!)

 Dr. Liisa and I have a wonderful connection. One of my business and professional  acumens is the importance of relationships and collaboration – Nobody does business or life by themselves!  Through our connecting and collaboration, Liisa created a great offer for my radio show listeners, did some further research  & will now be embarking on writing another book. Woohoo….discussion and inspiration create great things!

 So, if you are stymied on what to blog about, do some of the following:  Engage in stimulating conversation with an individual and really listen (you can’t get new ideas if you are doing the majority of the talking – learn from others), read something stimulating, seek out new experiences, write about insights obtained from a speaker or a forum, think about a past significant conversation that created insights, and start writing.  You will be amazed to see how your blog will develop. Blog, blog, blog.

 To learn more about perfectionism and to get Dr. Liisa’s enhanced value offer – a PDF on perfectionism, listen to “Embracing an Imperfect World”.   This show was done on  5/24/11.

 As an aside, Dr. Liisa Kyle and I are both recovering perfectionists! So, from one recovering perfectionist to others:

 You know you are a recovering perfectionist when you can

 Read your to do list without anxiety – you understand you are an “overachiever” and hone your time prioritization skills;

 Have people over for dinner without the house passing the white glove test (A couple of years ago, we  had people over last minute for Easter without the floors being done or the yard).

 Do social media updates and blogs knowing this is a work in progress (knowing you have pressed the wrong link before or had a typo and can move forward)

 Participate in a hobby or passion without having the element of competition (When I discovered ballroom dancing, it was such a joy & then I thought, oh, I should compete – I made the conscious decision NOT to compete so I could just experience the joy!)

 You accept underachievers as they are (but you do not become business partners with them!)

 You are confident expressing your opinion because it is yours (you don’t have to be an expert in the field, you can just be an expert on what your thoughts are)

 Knowing that you are great just as you are & so are others!

 Do you have something to add to this list?  Love to have your thoughts! 


So a+b=c, right?  Is this true in relationships?  In business: Boss (a) + Employee (b) = Success.  In personal: Male (a) + Female (b) = fulfilling long term marriage.  Yes!  a+b=c; however, it is not a simple, straight forward process.  “A” and “B” must seek to understand relationship foundation and practice the skills that it takes to form successful, great relationships.  Relationship skills are not inherent.

 Relationships create a powerful impact on businesses and lives.  To understand the deeper layer of what affects those relationships, one must examine the foundation of which these relationships begin.  Your foundation (your personal leadership) includes your values, your mission, your growth opportunities, and your beliefs, limiting and otherwise.  How people feel about themselves and their self-acceptance has far reaching effects on all of their relationships.  A direct correlation exists between creating quality relationships in your organization and its effect on your bottom line.  Quality relationships power the company, as well as the individual’s lives, and keep all balanced.

 Building relationships offline and online is something I’m very passionate about and is a vital component of my mission.  David Fraser, is also fascinated about the study of relationships and has realized this to be part of his deeper mission. David is the Company Director and Chartered Engineer holding a PHD & MBA. He’s also a Qualified Commercial Mediator and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner.  In reading his recent book, Relationships Made Easy, David shares his experiences and insights that fueled him in becoming a relationship expert.

 David Fraser is a highly intelligent man who has struck me as a man of integrity. He has dedicated himself to teaching about creating quality relationships. In his book, David discusses in depth the 12 step formula for relationships.

 1: Attention to others.

2: Attitude – using the presuppositions of NLP.

3: Self-control – with peripheral vision and meditation.

4: Wavelength – VAK or A-D.

5: Filters – noticing their effects.

6: Connection – managing rapport.

7: Values – using the levels model and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

8: Language – unpacking deletions, distortions and generalisations.

9: Self-awareness – working with perceptions.

10: Attention to ourselves – choosing what we want, being peaceful.

11: Balance – resolving conflict inside and outside.

12: Love – adding the final ingredient

 David shares a great Dale Carnegie quotation in his book:  “The world is full of people who are grabbing and self-seeking.  So the rare individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage.  He has little competition.”  This is so true.  Creating your distinction and being memorable are important elements in standing out on the playing field. So, maybe you are not the best engineer or the world’s richest entrepreneur, but we all have the same level playing field when it comes to being memorable in creating our relationships. Those who have great relationship skills WIN in business and in life!

 It’s refreshing to hear the study of relationships from a male’s point of view, as well as from a left brain perspective.  David discusses how relationships overlap all business and life.  Mr. Fraser took a thorough approach to this book and is intense in his discussion. He provides lots of examples for you to relate to. Also, based on his engineer profile, personality & learning style, he presents lots of visuals and diagrams breaking down the various aspects to creating quality relationships. He and I both agree that interpersonal skills are the distinction between success and reaching goals. He has done a great job in capturing an intangible concept of relationships to showing it as tangibly as he could with charts, exercises and the like. David’s book has a great layout, is easy to read and provides checklists and summaries.

 Ahhh, is there a Magic Formula for Relationships?….You decide! In summary, magic takes work – the best magicians practice to make it look seamless.  Magical relationships in your business and in your personal life create bottom line results and fulfillment. There is magic in companies and individuals who invest in relationship building, online and offline, as they will be the forerunners in successful business and life skills including global leadership, collaboration, and work/life balance which are the current names in the game!

 To hear more on how relationships impact business and life, listen to David Fraser’s April 12th radio show, “Transforming Your Results with the Relationship Formula”  on his book for more detailed information. He will tell us about having the right blend of integrating the people skills disciplines with the norms of major programmes and corporate organizations; how a behavior change in organizations can be created and how complexity can be made simplified and made manageable.

Deviated from my routine and went to the live taping of America’s Got Talent Tuesday evening here in Atlanta.  A connection, who was invited through her connection, invited me!

Interesting to see this show from the other side of the fence.

Lessons Reinforced

Communicate Your Distinction

Judges made it a point to build rapport, find the passion points and locate authenticity from the contestants. They also kept asking the participants about what makes you different from all the other acts out there.  Just working hard, or being in sync, or having some talent doesn’t cut the mustard.  What is unique about what you do?  How are you memorable? What is special about you from all the other dancers,  singers or other performers?  Where do you specialize?  Don’t try to be all things to all people. These are things  we hear all the time.  But during the show, I kept asking myself – where do you stand out, Marie?  With all the trainers and coaches out there, what is it that I do that is specialized? And, my answer is building relationships. I do it everywhere I go. I do it naturally; I do it offline and online. I love and thrive on connecting people to others and resources.  I do whatever it takes for my clients and really listen to where they are coming from to connect them with all they need to reach their goals. It’s so fulfilling!  So, what is your distinction?  Your passion? Is it authentic? Can you communicate it to others verbally and in print? Take the time to do this. This can be quite a process! .

Value Other’s Time

At first, when they explained the rules to the audience: cheer for the talents you like, boo & make crossing actions with your arms, if you don’t like them.  I thought, well, I have no problem on cheering and encouraging others – that’s a trademark of mine, but booing, I just won’t be able to do that. I’ll leave that to the others.  I love helping raise people’s confidence not lower it. Well, it got really easy for me to make the crossing action with my arms. There was a preacher lady who preached about the morality in America – she even brought out a pair of thong panties & granny panties for show n tell.  Really?  Yes, we can all have our viewpoints but know the platform from which to distribute it. Also during the break, IF people had talent they could come up and practice on us. OK, again I’m all about encouraging, but if you don’t really know what you are going to do, have NO talent to display in this forum, DON’T waste other people’s time.  It was extremely painful watching people who were SO clearly lackluster in talent (I think the definition of TALENT should be given before people are asked to perform)   just so they could have their few minutes of fame. I say, use YOU TUBE, so we can press the button and you are gone.  Go back to the drawing board!  You all have greatness, but you have to determine what it is and really hone it.

Know Your Blind Spots

Wow, don’t these people video their performance or think about how they fit into the talent world? Don’t they have real  friends who help them perform a reality check?  Do they read?  Do they know what is going on?  Do they get outside of their comfort zone to improve or understand marketability or are they just interested in putting us outside their comfort zone, watching painfully?  This really gives credence to asking for feedback.   We cannot be objective about ourselves.  Reach out to others  and not just your immediate group. Ask others for feedback who would be qualified to give you a professional opinion.  If you don’t have talent for this forum, please stay put & cheer in the audience.

Be Respectful

Some of the performers had attitude with the judges!!! Really?  The judges are taking their time to build rapport, use their experience,  give of themselves, focus on you, and evaluate you.  This is what you signed up for. Respect their position. If you can’t build relationships with the judges, you certainly aren’t going to be able to build relationships with a fan base.  It’s the fans who pay for your performance and buy your products. Building relationships is key.  First, these performers need to connect authentically to who they are and how they are coming across.  Reality check.

I enjoyed watching and studying the judges:  Piers Morgan, Sharon Osborne and  Howie Mandel. They were professional and authentic. They are people, too, and it was amazing to watch the do’s and don’t s of how to win friends and influence people during the course of all the interactions.

Inspire others

I was inspired by many of the performers.  One gentlemen, whom you weren’t expecting, sang in a powerful voice from the heart.  Great to witness this & his authentic reaction to the crowd and judge’s feedback.  

Without giving this away, (I believe this taping airs May 31st) a young female totally surprised the crowd with her vocal talent, out of the box song choice and confidence.  Her poise and people skills were exemplary and the best of the night!

Get outside of the box

Always great to notice things in different forums that help us continually apply what we know and continue to see this more clearly!  Great to be inspired by those who work hard.  Great to be inspired by those who reinforce why it is important to ask for feeback and to be authentic . When you actually take the time to break routine, discovery  and fresher insights are  usually a common result. This was a fun experience!  In summary, we all have talent.  There is a journey involved in cultivating it, as well as the journey of the other skill sets and qualities needed to be successful: integrity, values and people skills to name a few.  Enjoy the journey and know America’s Got Talent & you’ve got it too!

Are you naturally happy or do you have to work at? Do you think happiness is reserved for a few?  Do you feel there are certain personality types who fall more naturally into happiness?  Is happiness a learned behavior?

As I have gotten older, I’m happier. For me, I realized how to consciously make myself happy. I’ve worked on my personal growth and worked towards my goals. First, I had to identify these goals. I’m happy for what I have, not for what I am lacking.  I figure if I am lacking something I really want, I will figure out how to get it.  I know I am responsible for my happiness and what I have & have not.  I make choices. Happy breeds happy.

In my May 10th  radio interview with Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, PHD and Author, “Creating Intentional Happiness in Work and Life” , we discussed connecting with happiness in work and life, discovering the behaviors that increase happiness; and understanding, as well as guiding the part you play in intentional work/life happiness. We had an enlightening discussion.  Dr. Robert is very professional, very interesting and extremely knowledgeable.  Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener is widely known as the Indiana Jones of  Positive Psychology because his research on happiness has taken him to such far flung places as Greenland, India and Kenya.

Additionally, we discussed:

Some great ways to become more happy!

* The number 1 reason is forming social relationships which include trust and intimacy (this acts as a buffer in the face of adversity)

* Create a daily habit of expressing your gratitude

* Understand your natural strengths in work and relationships*****

* Use your strengths consistently to energize you 

* Play towards your strengths which helps accomplish your goals

Does money matter in happiness?  Are people in the slums happy? Can sex workers be happy? Does nature or nurture affect happiness? Learn more about happiness Listen to the 5/11/11 show.

What makes you happy? What’s made you happy recently?  Leave your comments.

I’m happy when I am moving, dancing, socializing, learning, making people feel good, inspiring others, knowing my family is well and happy, accomplishing goals, watching Dancing with the Stars, enjoying my husband and daughter, …..

How did I find Robert?  Online!  My assistant, Christina O’Flaherty, found him for me. It was a pleasure conversing and learning his findings.

*****In our consulting with individuals and groups, we do assessments, training and implementation for working on your strengths. Contact us to find out more.

Cutting Edge Connection

April 11, 2011

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Hello, Friends!

Hope this newsletter finds you healthy, happy and connected! Hope all had a great first quarter!  Let me know how you are doing! Here’s what I have been doing:
Working on social media strategies – watch for interactive FB Fan Pages, regular blogs and more.
Upgraded my website with my connection team.  Let me know your feedback.
Working with wonderful private clients, groups & corporations! Love the variety! Expanded services. Started writing a book!
My daughter, Christina, participating in the  abroad program in Lulea, Sweden.  (If anyone has connections there, please let me know. )    A rising college  senior, obtaining a Marketing Degree; pursuing  another degree in International Business Management. Woohoo!

My husband, Walter, is great, he is especially happy when I do yard work and bring in the trash can.  Hey, I aim to please!  

As my life gets more intense, my workouts get more intense.  Intense workouts provide clarity for me in my  business and life.  Hope you are getting your workouts in!

The more I continue to learn and grow, it’s apparent that mindset is everything! Goal Achievement, Success and Happiness are all about INTENTIONAL mindset! Wishing all of you the same!

 Warm Regards,
Guest: Tom Coffing, President & CE0, Coffing Data Warehousing; Athlete, Writer, World Renowned Speaker (The Speech Doctor) Golf Coach & Caddy  to Carling Coffing, Pro-Golfer
Tremendous success story  in today’s economy and balancing work & life.  Tom was a fantastic guest on my radio show in January; he shares great inspiration and tips.  A worthwhile listen! Get a free gift when you listen to this past episode- one gift is 185 page Speech Doctor Manual.
Tom Coffing (Tera-Tom) developed a tool that allows people to use for free, which built has data base by thousands. Talk about connecting!
Tom’s Success Pointers
Good sportsmanship
 Ethics are always #1
 Master what you do
 Take your worst weakness (or biggest growth opportunity) and turn it into a strength.
 Social networking
 Great communicator
Forward thinking (Think ahead of the curve!)
 Be a good person, make it a better place
Invest in your family and relationships. His  greatest achievement is his family!
Become a better communicator. You will grow faster when you  invest in your speaking & communication ability.

 P.S. Formatting this was a nightmare today.  Copied it from IContact. Prettier next time.    Mastermind Power Connection (TM)


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Happy New Year! 

Hope all had wonderful holidays and are excited about the year ahead!

My  newsletters had taken a slight hiatus, as I had to take a step back to focus on the systems of my business. Working the systems isn’t quite as much fun as interacting with all of you; however, it is something huge to concentrate on for business growth.  Focusing on the clarity of what I have been creating has been a must and  has been a challenging proposition. What I do so naturally & do in such an integrated way, has been difficult for me to breakdown.  As more clarity and systems have been gained, I can now resume the consistency of my newsletter. Looking forward to the year ahead with YOU!

 Warm Regards,



Suddenly downsized

When I was suddenly downsized approximately two years ago, I, along with many others  who experienced this,  again learned the true meaning of creating life in your vision rather than relying on the actions of others in business or life to determine that for you.   It reemphasized the mantra that constant growth is a mainstay to achieving your goals in work and in life. Constant growth means getting out of your comfort zone. Growing means seeking and participating in constant personal and professional development. Build your strong foundation by identifying  your passions, strengths and abilities while  clarifying your purpose and vision. When you work this process, you begin to work towards creating work/life balance and fulfillment.

The Pace of Knowledge and its Application

The world has forever changed and technology has increased the pace of the transfer of knowledge and change by “light years”.

Increasing knowledge is one aspect of learning. Without application and intentional direction of knowledge, knowledge is not power.  Goals, deliberate practical applications, accountability and reassessment are all key to successful knowledge application.  

In order to identify aspects that contribute to your knowledge and growth for whole person leadership, CSC created the Building Blocks of Connection which represent important knowledge connections : Authentic, Relationship, Learning, Time, Productivity, The Plan & Support.

Today’s global, rapidly changing world represents knowledge opportunity!

 Marketplace Mandatory Skills for Business & Life

* The ability to brand and market yourself with the skill to communicate this

   in person & virtually

*  Knowledge of your strengths, as well as your gaps, so you can surround

   yourself with a complete team (personally and professionally) and aren’t left

   vulnerable with blind spots.

*  The ability to think like entrepreneurs (outside of the box, innovation,

    problem solving)

*  To embrace diversity in others including thinking styles, affective    

   differences and cultures

*  To create strong relationships

 Powering your Personal Leadership Continuum

All of the above are traits that power your personal leadership continuum which begins with your empowerment. We are all leaders whether we hold the position or not.  We all  hold the power to influence.  

Personal Leadership Foundation Fuels Maximizing Business Performance and Cultivates Business and Life Success.

Fuel for CSC Services

All described in this newsletter is the foundation for my company and embedded in the variety of services we provide: Power Training for groups, corporations and individuals. I didn’t set out to create all of this; it has authentically  evolved! In summary and figurative terms, we’re no longer talking about getting on the  bus, we are talking about flying  on the mother ship.  If you want to fly successfully, the above referenced is your travel map.

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Contact me for your complimentary 30 minute consultation or to be a guest at this Thursday’s Mastermind Power Connection ™. Good through 1/31/11.

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   4th Quarter Contiuum for Business & Life Effectiveness

How is all going in your 4th quarter?  Are you happy w/career/business?  Life in general?  Are you achieving and feeling what you have wanted?
If wanting to enhance 4th quarter, the next year, and move faster towards yours goals, here are some thoughts and actions to help you achieve all you would like:

Take inventory daily on your business/life effectiveness.

Be proactive in what you are intentionally trying to create for your fourth quarter and following year.  

We are all free agents in the marketplace.  This statement helps simplify things and negate excuses.  We are all responsible for our outcomes.

Intentional outcomes are achieved and enhanced by increasing  personal awareness.

Developing your awareness helps further determine your uniqueness, distinctive strengths and  qualities,  (what you bring to the table) – and these are your branding points.

 Your branding points and articulation of these, aid in the creation of enhancing and formulating your vision/mission for career/business and life.

The articulation of your distinctions and where you are headed  is powerful and creates clarity for you and hence, others.

Clarity is a qualitative, evolutionary process.

Clarity is your power foundation and without it, as without any foundation, you are unable to thrive as you were meant to.

 We are all marketing ourselves in everything we do in business and life, thus, doesn’t it make sense to be crystal clear on what we are talking about?

 Become clear, move forward & ACHIEVE!
Warm Regards,

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    Fall Wine Tasting and Dinner
    Wednesday, October 13 From 6:30 to 8:00 PM
    We will taste 6 different wines ideal for the Fall.  After the tasting, will go across the street to Pure for dinner.
    Lock n Key Event-Andretti (Roswell)
    Saturday, October 2nd 8-10 pm. More info. 

    Sunday, October 24th 1:30 pm. 

     Marie Pijanowski          678.689.7859                    http://www.centerforsocialconnections.com

     Growth Nuggets/Resources

    “Marketing Driven Written Communication” 
    Click here
    “Red Hot Branding for Success”

    “Diversity as the ‘New Normal’- Upgrade Your Understanding and Communication”

    Visions Anew -Ruby Slipper Gala- Mansour Center 9/23
    Complimentary resources for entrepreneurs. website http://www.theglobal-institute.com/
    Maui Mastermind: 
    The Business Owners Success Conference

    Launch. Scale. Grow.

    Oct 1, 2, 3
     Doubletree Hotel Atlanta/ Roswell Alpharetta Area-


    Connect with me!
    CSC Serves:
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    * And the   
       above,  who 
       “happen to be  

    In this Issue:

    • “The Net of Relationships”
    • Mastermind Power Connection (TM)
    • Social Networking Events
    • Growth Resources

     “The NET of Relationships!”

     Hello! I hope you had a superb weekend and are ready to create a powerful week! 

    Building relationships is the single most powerful action you can take in life. It’s connecting with others and relating; it’s a two way street. To me, networking and  connecting is the start of potential wonderful relationships.  Networking/connecting and creating relationships are important in business, …yet, this important business skill is eclipsed as a great Life Skill. The building of your network and creating relationships allows you to reach your personal & professional goals. Building your network of effective relationships is a life-long, fulfilling process.  One of its missions is to be proactive in assisting others.  There are two things people remember:  those who were there in their time of need and those who weren’t. Your life can change in one minute. Wouldn’t it be great to know there is a whole group of people you can count on? Do not underestimate the power connection of networking and creating relationships.  Seek to always be refining your skills.

    To further clarify, your relationships can make you or break you and help determine where you are headed. You never know when you need to call on someone.  Be proactive in creating your relationships, making connections and meeting your network before you need their help. See what you can offer. With our world globally transforming,  we’ve seen powerful examples of how relationships affect us in gaining new positions and new clients. The economy and massive layoffs proved to many that a healthy supportive network is critical to success.  Those who didn’t have a powerful network hopefully will  have learned proactive network forming is powerful and will continually work at building relationships. Good people to have in networks: friends, doctors, lawyers, insurance, financial, bankers, etc.  We truly don’t know what the next minute could bring, you never know who you can bring to someone else or who they can bring to you.  Creating relationships is the  single most important characteristic shared by all truly successful people and businesses: creating relationships amongst their network.

    My best wishes for truly wonderful relationships in your business and your life.  

    Warm Regards,


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    • One on One Connection Strategy Sessions.

           Mastermind Power Connection TM

    Nobody does life or business by themselves!(TM) 

    Expand Connection. Experience Success.

    This is not just ANY Mastermind group! This is an innovative growth forum for discovery and implementation of personal and professional performance to enhance work and life effectiveness, authentically. By implementing a truly unique platform, we engage two growth processes:  relational and problem solving strengths. We create environments that inspire the motivation to act on personal and professional strengths. This group is supported by our MPC Expert Alliance Team who specialize in Relationship Building, Problem Solving Strengths (exclusive to GA & our MPC group), Time Management, Systems Management, Social Media, The Internet & Technology, Branding and the list goes on.  This group is customized for you in pursuit of your goals: professional and personal to help propel your business/career forward, as well as your life.

     For more information and registration, contact marie@centerforsocialconnections.com   678.689.7859


    Blog Talk Radio Resources
    Download Any Time or Listen Live Every Tuesday, 11:30 am (EST)



    “Social Networking Events for Business Professionals who Happen to be Single” (TM)

     Wednesday, May 12th 6:30-9:00 pm 
    This isn’t your typical networking event…it’s truly FUN and connections are made for business contacts, strategic alliances, friendships, and MORE! Don’t delay!  Be proactive in your business and personal networking!            



    Future Social Networking Events :  

    June 9 – Season 52; July 14 – Prohibition at East Andrews

     Around Town   

    Around Town for Single Professionals 
    Concert on Marietta Square Friday, May 28, 7:00PM
    A fun evening under the stars of good food, great company, and fantastic beach music by The Pieces of Eight!Make reservations by May 27 Call 678 297-3909

     Around Town for All Professionals

     Happy Hour to Support Childkind Charity

     Wednesday, May 26  6:30 to 9:00 PM
    Come taste the flavors of Mykonos Taverna as we relax on their patio, then stay for their Karaoke.  Part of the proceeds will go to Childkind, which helps medically fragile children who are wards of the state. $6 Advance $10 at the door.
    More info: http://MinglingInAtlanta.com/#happyHour

     *  Please reserve your spot for all events. 

    Growth Resources

     David Finkel, a highly successful entrepreneur, community advocate & family man, as well as a role model of mine, wrote his third book. You can download it free now. He will also be giving a powerful seminar here in Atlanta, Oct 1st – 3rd. www.MauiMastermind.com/custom/freebookDavid  

    Net with Relationships (TM):

    It takes 5 phone calls to achieve an 81% closing ratio with prospects.

     Your contact management needs be in order, which means all contacts need to be in one place and categorized.

    Click here for 10 Key Factors in Building Relationships for  Business and Life Effectivness. Also, find more  information on the above information on past radio shows with other experts.


    “Changing the Face of Collaboration” for Financial Planners & Insurance Professionals:

    Complimentary 90 minute presentation

    5/13 2-3:30 pm

    Contact & will send you info.

     Great free resources & empowerment for women: 


     Helpful social media site:


     Enhance your relationships at the upcoming events this month:  Mother’s Day, Graduations, End of School, Wedding Showers.

    Be present, connect & listen!

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    Marie Pijanowski marie@centerforsocialconnections.com