Do you have strong feelings about the elections?  Do you care about politics? Many do. They are talking about both politics and the elections using the social media platforms and this includes me. Facebook & Twitter are set to go, especially when the debates are on.

Programmed to conform, many of us are fearful to bring up topics we do not have total agreement with others on. We do not want to offend – we’ve been told it is not polite to talk about politics or it is not considered appropriate to discuss politics if you are in business.  Well, going against what we have been warned against – there go the social media rebels.  See ‘em loud…See ‘em proud!

Why do we discuss politics publicly?… you may ask. This is an extremely important election which  will extraordinarily influence the direction of our country.  We are at a perilous crossroad. And, guess what, not everyone shares my political beliefs. (Can you believe it?) And, it does NOT matter. Why? Because these people are passionate about their beliefs, they value their ideals, they give evidence as to why they believe what they do and they are involved in making a difference.  In fact, they are willing to stand up for what they believe in. . . “Stand for something rather than fall for anything”!  If we are the result of those we surround ourselves with,  I VOTE for passionate people who care about the issues of the day.  I‘m proud to connect with people who are constantly growing and feeling their way through the world because I am, too. Further clarifying why you believe what you do and challenging yourself to dig deeper is a WIN! These actions allow you to gain increased perspective on yourself as well as others and their value system. I like people who take an active role in their destiny and are interested in creating a legacy. I like people going for it and who are in the constant pursuit of the truth. And, finding more about what makes others tick, as well as myself, beats reading posts about what people are eating for dinner or how bored they are.  YOUR POWER EMPOWERS OTHERS!

The above is the paradigm I Found when discussing politics on Facebook.  This blog post is dedicated to my Facebook friends.  

A few pointers that will enable even more invigorating political discussions or at least maintain  and/ or enhance your Facebook friends.

* State the facts and why you believe what you do. Insults do not reflect the educated person you are.

* Think before you write.  Write. Reread.  Are you writing  a polarizing post or is it written in the spirit of   

    who you are? Are you honoring yourself without degrading others?  Reread what you wrote again

    before you post.   


* You are your brand even when discussing politics.

“Live large. One day your life will pass before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching.”

“See” you Monday night in “real-time”!  

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Who else feels like I do?  Why?  Who else feels differently than me?  Why?  Or feel  free to leave a comment.