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April 11, 2011

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Hello, Friends!

Hope this newsletter finds you healthy, happy and connected! Hope all had a great first quarter!  Let me know how you are doing! Here’s what I have been doing:
Working on social media strategies – watch for interactive FB Fan Pages, regular blogs and more.
Upgraded my website with my connection team.  Let me know your feedback.
Working with wonderful private clients, groups & corporations! Love the variety! Expanded services. Started writing a book!
My daughter, Christina, participating in the  abroad program in Lulea, Sweden.  (If anyone has connections there, please let me know. )    A rising college  senior, obtaining a Marketing Degree; pursuing  another degree in International Business Management. Woohoo!

My husband, Walter, is great, he is especially happy when I do yard work and bring in the trash can.  Hey, I aim to please!  

As my life gets more intense, my workouts get more intense.  Intense workouts provide clarity for me in my  business and life.  Hope you are getting your workouts in!

The more I continue to learn and grow, it’s apparent that mindset is everything! Goal Achievement, Success and Happiness are all about INTENTIONAL mindset! Wishing all of you the same!

 Warm Regards,
Guest: Tom Coffing, President & CE0, Coffing Data Warehousing; Athlete, Writer, World Renowned Speaker (The Speech Doctor) Golf Coach & Caddy  to Carling Coffing, Pro-Golfer
Tremendous success story  in today’s economy and balancing work & life.  Tom was a fantastic guest on my radio show in January; he shares great inspiration and tips.  A worthwhile listen! Get a free gift when you listen to this past episode- one gift is 185 page Speech Doctor Manual.
Tom Coffing (Tera-Tom) developed a tool that allows people to use for free, which built has data base by thousands. Talk about connecting!
Tom’s Success Pointers
Good sportsmanship
 Ethics are always #1
 Master what you do
 Take your worst weakness (or biggest growth opportunity) and turn it into a strength.
 Social networking
 Great communicator
Forward thinking (Think ahead of the curve!)
 Be a good person, make it a better place
Invest in your family and relationships. His  greatest achievement is his family!
Become a better communicator. You will grow faster when you  invest in your speaking & communication ability.

 P.S. Formatting this was a nightmare today.  Copied it from IContact. Prettier next time.    Mastermind Power Connection (TM)


  • Mastermind is “two or more people actively engaged in pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constituting an unbeatable force.” –  Napoleon Hill
  • Power defined is the ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.
  • Connection is relationships to people, resources, and ideas.
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