Move Forward, America!

November 7, 2012

Proud of all of the Americans who were so involved and passionate in this presidential election.  So many enthusiastically exercised their privilege to vote and proudly conveyed their voice online and offline.  A great way to take action on your beliefs!  I have a profound respect for this.

A nail biting presidential race to be sure. For approximately half of the Americans, this race did not bring the results they wanted.   How many times in life do things turn out not as we hoped ? The truth is that many times in life this happens.  It builds character. For the other approximate half of the Americans, it did bring the results they wanted.  Either way, our work as a result of our voting does not stop due to a candidate being elected. The work is just beginning. The outcome of  one of the closest presidential races in history has given all us character building  opportunities. Here’s a link to the top 10 closest presidential races in history:

In fact, we are all called upon to be leaders, more so than ever before.  We have the opportunity to show graciousness and great sportsmanship like conduct, just as Governor Romney exhibited.

Moving forward will be a challenge for all involved because America faces great difficulties.

We must do all we can to have government stop spending and put our fiscal house in order. Ways we can do this are by letting Washington know our expectations through calling, emailing, signing petitions  using social media, voting in small elections and looking for more suggestions here. We have already seen the writing on the wall as to what has happened in fiscal irresponsibity to Greece and Italy.  Be not in denial that this will happen to America, too, unless measures are taken NOW.

Continue to communicate to government regarding the importance of policies for small businesses that will allow them to grow. Support think tanks and education for entrepreneurs.

Economics and social issues will not matter if our country is not kept secure. Four heroes died in Libya. Be educated on what transpired. Persist and demand that the unanswered questions on Libya are answered directly by the President.  Our commanding chief must be held accountable for actions and inactions.

Time must be taken to keep abreast of what is going on in our country and the world around us. In four years the world has changed so greatly, if we don’t stay involved the America we love will disappear. Yes, we are all busy. The result of our having our heads buried in the sand, will give us a negative outcome in seeing our future generations lost. We have to act NOW.

Bipartisanship by all constituents needs to occur. We have no choice but to pull together. If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. Helping America  begins with each one of us. Our fight to keep the America we love must continue. How will you lead? Your leadership establishes your legacy and that of your children and our future generation. How will u make a difference in America?

Your respectful comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome.